Weight Loss

When I was suffering at the peak of my Menieres symptoms with vertigo attacks every day I hadn’t fully realised how overweight I was.

Looking back at my photo’s from that time I can see my puffed up face and bloated stomach.

These days when I’m virtually symptom free my weight is 2 stone lighter than then, I was 13 stone then and I’m at 11 stone now.

Jan Clementson who has now successfully treated a number of our members has made a series of short 1:30 minute video’s on how to achieve weight loss and start moving to good health.

I’ve watched them and think it’s a worthwhile way to spend a few minutes of your time 🙂

Episode 1 – Hunger

Episode 2 – beat the bloat with electrolytes

Episode 3 – Movement

Episode 4 – Sleep

Episode 5 – Stress

Also Jan has produced a summary of the whole holistic approach to weight loss which you can read here