Teeth are a source of immune system overload.

The Netflix documentary Root Cause is a must watch for those of you that have Netflix and also have a chronic illness.

So how to summarise in a few sentences :

– if you have had root canal fillings

– if you have had titanium implants

– if you have had pulled teeth

and you are suffering from a chronic illness e.g. Menieres, Chronic Fatigue etc.

Then you need to go to a specialist Biological Dentist and have a 3D X-Ray called a Cone Beam Scan. What that will tell you is the level of toxin and bacteria harbouring in your mouth.

“The mouth is the toxic waste dump that impacts on the rest of your body”.

This is a specialist job to remove, you need to find a Holistic Dentist, You would need to get your infected areas cleaned out and teeth pulled where necessary, any teeth pulled would need to be replaced by means of bonded ceramic bridge or zirconia implant but not by titanium implant which is what your dentist will recommend.

There is emerging scientific evidence proving bacteria and toxins in your mouth to be the cause of many diseases including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, cancer.

As those of us with chronic illness are well used to, all of this scientifically proven research is dismissed by the front line medical professionals providing standard dental care.

There are 25 million root canal fillings continued to be done each year in the US.

Why are all 25 million not all sick then is the argument. Well we know the answer to that one, that’s easy. Because everyone’s immune system is different and in many people their immune system deals with and clears out the toxins. But in those with chronic illness their immune systems have become overloaded and can’t cope. In this case you need to find and eliminate the root cause, which could very feasibly be whats happening with your teeth. But it’s a specialist job, not to be tackled by your local dentist.