Teeth are a source of immune system overload which rarely gets much attention in the Menieres community. However it is becoming increasingly recognised as a potential root cause that needs to be investigated.

Dentistry can cause problems from any of the following :

  • Root canal fillings which can trap bacteria
  • Mercury fillings leading to toxins being released into the body
  • Titanium implants leading to toxins being released into the body
  • Cavitation when not all the tooth and pariodontal ligament is removed in a tooth extraction. This can also lead to bacteria and toxins being released into the body

If you are chronically ill and you have had any of the above dental procedures and you suspect they could be one of the root causes of your Menieres then you need to consult with a specialist Holistic Dentist. You can find a local one near you from the search facility on the website of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology here

They can then test your mouth with a 3D X-Ray called a Cone Beam Scan. What that will tell you is the level of toxin and bacteria harbouring in your mouth.

This is a specialist job to remove. You need to get your infected areas cleaned out and teeth pulled where necessary, any teeth pulled would need to be replaced by means of bonded ceramic bridge or zirconia implant but not by titanium implant which is what a traditional dentist will recommend.

To hear in more detail the view of an holistic dentist on these matters then have a listen to this podcast of an interview with Dr Elmar Jung here where he explains all the issues he has found in his practice over many years of taking an holistic approach to dentistry.

Also on Dr Jung’s own website here you can see more information about him and how a holistic dentist could help you get to the root cause of your chronic illness.