Raising Awareness

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Most people have never heard of Meniere’s disease. And if they have heard of it, they have little understanding of the symptoms and how it affects someone’s life – physically, emotionally, psychologically and socially.

We need to find a cure, or at the very least, a medication that allows Meniere’s disease sufferers to live a life free of the debilitating symptoms.

Here’s two ways to do this:

  1. Raise awareness
  2. Fund-raise to donate money to medical research

Ed and Sarah Coast to Coast Cycle ride

You can support them in their challenge via their Just Giving page here 

Ed and Sarah are doing a UK coast to coast cycle ride to raise awareness of Menieres and raise funds for Menieres research. 

Awareness Programme underway !


Raising Awareness


The Colour of Broken

The Color of Broken (US Edition)

Author, Amelia Grace, has written a novel titled The Colour of Broken, that has a character with Meniere’s disease. It’s available in two versions- The Colour of  Broken& The Color of Broken (US English).

Both versions are available as print books (at online bookstores) and as an eBook at Amazon.

The author is donating proceeds to Meniere’s research.

Watch the book trailer – here

Meniere’s incidents in the book – here

Praise for The Colour of Broken

“As a sufferer of Meniere’s Disease, this book has touched the very core of my heart!”

“Beautiful story by a beautiful author!”

“It’s the glimpse into our world of Meniere’s that creates awareness for other’s who are spectators to our world.”

“Beautiful story… on so many levels there’s a connection there for everyone – a must read!”

“I am hooked!”

“I love it!”

“I just finished reading The Color Broken. It’s amazing! From the description of Meniere’s disease to the second story line, I couldn’t put it down. I’m ordering soon for my daughters, I too have tried to hide it but now I’m gonna share it!”

“I am 3/4 the way thru it and love/hate it. Love the book and all it stands for, hate the book for all of the bad/sad memories it is bringing back when my Meniere’s was really awful. Everyone who has or knows someone with Meniere’s should read this book!”

“Just finished reading and must say the descriptions of the way it is was right on. Even the emotional parts.”

“God bless you! Keep creating and spreading your colours, stories and uplifting messages! I’m going to buy more copies and post to friends and family!”

“I wanted to let you know that I finished The Colour of Broken. I loved reading it! It’s an amazing story and I enjoyed it very much!”

“I would single this book out as one of my favourite books, ever!”

“My hubby is reading the book! I am so pleased. He got to page 50 and remarked he felt like crying. Thanks. Your book will spread the word about MD in many different ways.”

“A friend of mine ordered one. She wants to better understand what we go through.”

“I’ll be reading it a second time!”

Picture Books

Vanilla Swirl

by Julieann Wallace

illustrated by Shez Kennington

Sarah loves to spin around and around and around.

All wibbly and wobbly, she goes to find her mama –but Mama is terribly sick…

With the pure love of a child, Sarah gives her mama something very special…

Watch the book trailer: here

Available from the publisher here 

And online bookstores, including Amazon

Praise for Vanilla Swirl

“I gave as a gift to my niece who has this disease. She loves it.”

“This is a wonderfully written and illustrated book that touches on the ‘invisible disease’ Meniere’s. A great read for children and adults!”

“Wonderfully written and illustrated book! Perfect for anyone dealing with Meniere’s Disease. Let’s raise awareness and help people who have this invisible, yet debilitating disease!”

“Super cute and helpful for children with someone in their life with an illness. My 4yo daughter loves it.”

“Awesome read, thoroughly recommend this book :)”

“A great book. Definitely worth reading!”

Blueberry Swirl

by Julieann Wallace

illustrated by Shez Kennington

Michael loves to spin around and around and around.

All wibbly and wobbly, he goes to find his papa… – but he is terribly sick…

With the pure love of a child, Michael gives his papa something very special…

Watch the book trailer here 

Available from the publisher here 

and online bookstores, including Amazon

Praise for Blueberry Swirl

“A wonderfully written and illustrated book that exemplifies a son and father dealing with the effects of Menieres Disease.”


Wearing clothing with Meniere’s logos is another way of raising awareness.

You can buy one of these here

Coffee Mugs

You can buy numerous different coffee mugs designs

Designed by Shane Town

You can buy them here 


Is another way to attract attention.

Givers and Takers

Like this one from the Meniere’s Awareness Project