Menieres Research Fund Institute – Australia

The MRFi 5th annual symposium held on 3rd Nov 2018 is a recommended watch here where they announce the start of a human trial of a new treatment and review their latest research. 

In particular watch the presentations from Bill Gibson starting at 1:11:08 and that of Dan Brown starting at 1:26:08

The Menieres Research Foundation incorporated (MRFi) is a dedicated specialist research centre for Meniere’s and is based at Sydney University, Australia.

The founders of MRFi with their families

They have recently received some large funding and are using this to formulate further immune studies as well as animal modelling.

In September 2017 they held a symposium with lectures on their latest research, it was all recorded on video and you can watch this here  . It’s a fascinating and interesting watch if you want to understand the latest research into dealing with Menieres. It gives you hope when you listen to what they are doing.

The video lasts 2 hours 30 minutes but i learned more watching that than months of reading on the internet.

To encourage you to watch it you can break it down into roughly 25 minute sections as follows:

04:00 to 28:00latest research in Steroid and Gentamicin injections and the new one shot approach
28:00 to 51:00testing all parts of the inner ear, the rapidly gaining Head Impulse Test
51:00 to 01:10:00hearing solutions for each of the 3 stages of Menieres
01:11:00 – 01:37:15testing of balance issues, grommits, Labyrinthectomy, Cochlear Implants
01:37:15 – 02:22:10the big one for us, focus on the cause of Endolymphatic Hydrops
02:22:10 – endmanagement and fund raising for the Menieres Research Fund incorporated

The MRFi website can be found here  . Their aim has been to build up a strong research team in Sydney, to explore and build on the findings from Meniere’s research being carried out by scientists in Australia and other countries. They have been able to recruit their team due to the support they  have received from generous donors.

The vision of the Fund is to finance the expansion of the Meniere’s Disease Research Laboratory and invest in world class researchers with the facilities and equipment to isolate the mechanism that regulates the volume of endolymph in normal ears, discover why and how that mechanism malfunctions in Meniere’s Diseased ears and go on to find what Meniere’s Disease sufferers need to prevent or restore that malfunction to normalcy