Menieres 200 Project

We have a target to test 200 Meniere’s sufferers to help us develop effective tailor made treatments for Meniere’s sufferers. 

It would really help our aim to correctly diagnose the causes of Menieres if you completed our questionnaire.  

If you would like to also participate in our testing programme then complete your name and email address on the questionnaire.  

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Studies show that Menieres can be due to a compromised immune system that can lead to inflammation within the inner ear. 

The tests will identify the presence of bacteria, virus or toxins which may trigger the inflammatory response where the immune system can’t clear these pathogens. 

To do this we need to raise £250,000 , you can help us by registering and donating to our charity. All funding raised will be 100% utilised into conducting these tests

If you are interested in participating in this study please email us at 

There is already evidence of inflammatory responses to toxins, in this case mould as shown in this study: 

Proinflammatory Study 01_12_2018

This adds new evidence to support the view that levels of proinflammatory cytokines and the differences in the immune response to certain pathogens, including moulds, may explain that some patients respond to drugs with antihistaminic effects, such as betahistine, but most patients do not show a response different from placebo. Moreover, since patients using immunotherapy have reported an improvement of the duration and frequency of the vertigo episodes compared to controls, the assessment of allergic response in patients with MD, and the use of antihistaminic or immunotherapy as part of the treatment plan to control vertigo attacks should be considered.

We’ve agreed discounted deals with laboratories who are specialists in testing for the pathogens present in your body which send the immune system into an inflammatory response within the inner ear.

Early samples of testing so far have already discovered large colonies of Marcons and Klebsiella bacteria in the sinuses of Meniere’s sufferers protected by exceptionally high levels of something known as biofilm which masks their presence from the immune system.

The research done indicates so far that Menieres Disease can be the result of inflammation as a result of a compromised immune system unable to clear away a toxin, bacteria or virus related pathagen. Therefore in many cases the root cause of Menieres Disease is very similar to the root cause of other chronic diseases e.g. Lyme,  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lupus etc .

In summary Meniere’s for many sufferers can be caused by an immune response to something in your body. That could be bacteria, virus or some kind of toxin. This causes an inflammation in your inner ear which leads to Meniere’s symptoms of vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus, fatigue, head fog etc.

The purpose of the Menieres 200 Project is to verify this approach across toxins, bacteria and virus pathogens with a measured study aimed at putting 200 Meniere’s sufferers through a bank of testing looking for common themes and features.

This can then lead to successful immunotherapy treatment to relieve Meniere’s symptoms