Help Us

Help Needed

To keep going in our current form we need to raise an additional £1,000 in 2021.

Unfortunately due to the covid pandemic we have had very little opportunity for fund raising activity for 12 months now.

We have cut our costs to the absolute minimum however the regulatory framework required across UK charities costs us around £2,000 per year to maintain.

We are a patient led global charity based in the UK and focus our efforts on research on chronic diseases and establishing effective ways of managing Menieres Disease.

Being a formal charity gives us collective support which is most useful in tracking and communicating the latest research and symptom management developments.

If we can’t raise £2,000 each year then the charity has to close. We have no money in reserve and all money raised is spent on governance and research resources.

If you could join with us that would certainly help as the more members we get the more helpful that is.

Even better if you could join with us and make a small donation to our funding, that would really be appreciated.

You can join Deaf to Menieres by clicking on this link