Diet for Menieres

Diet should be the first line of defence against Menieres 

Until you have got to the root cause of your Menieres symptoms we would recommend you make some dietary changes to control your symptoms.

We would recommend you go on an anti inflammatory diet to try and minimise any inflammation in your inner ear and your body in general.

This would involve eating whole foods and  significantly reducing your sugar and processed food intake.

You should consider eating less gluten to reduce any potential for inflammation caused by gluten insensitivity.

You should consider eating less dairy to reduce any potential lactose intolerance which impacts your digestion of nutrients.

Low salt diet is often recommended by medical practitioners as a way to control Menieres. This is quite controversial as it does not work for all cases and your body needs a minimum level of sodium to operate effectively. Hence we have dedicated a full page here to some guidelines on salt intake when you have Menieres.

Meniere’s sufferer and Registered Nutritional Therapist Laura Fisher DipION, mBANT, CNHC specialises in personalised nutrition programmes designed to help relieve Meniere’s symptoms  

A western diet and lifestyle has led to an increase in inflammatory type diseases. Three foods commonly trigger an inflammatory response within the body: gluten, dairy and sugar. 

Laura runs an on line group coaching programme for 20 subscribers called : Manage your Meniere’s in 6 weeks.

The six week course takes an easy-to-understand, step-by-step approach:
• Online group coaching programme
• Discover how diet can impact your condition and develop strategies to manage it
• Learn from weekly short videos (with optional subtitles) and written PDF’s
• Make one small dietary change each week
• Get meal plans, recipes and shopping lists
• Safe dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations
• Private Facebook group for daily support from Laura and other group members
• Gradually eliminate inflammatory food triggers of Ménière’s
• Discover how Ménière’s management is much more than just reducing salt and caffeine
• 100% research based

You can contact Laura here via her website to enquire further about the course and enrol.  

It is also worth watching this You Tube interview with Dr Kenneth Brookler an eminent Meniere’s ENT Consultant in the US who talks about  Hyperinsulinemia , Insulin response and the glucose requirement of the inner ear.

5 minutes to 10 minutes – he talks about impacts of nutrition on the inner ear and success with Menieres patients

33 minutes to 41 minutes – he talks of the inner ear demand for blood sugar being three times that of the brain and the effect of spikes of blood sugar

Dr Brookler found once incorporated nutritionists into his practice the adjustment of patients lifestyles and diet greatly relieved symptoms and often reduced the need for further treatment protocols.