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Latest News from the Meniere’s World

Ed and Sarah doing sponsored UK Coast to Coast cycle ride to raise money for Menieres Research. More details here

This months recommended book to read

Latest study published by Jose Antonio Lopez Escamez  showing how mould toxins can produce an inflammatory response which causes Menieres Disease Symptoms

Menieres 200 Project , aims to put 200 Meniere’s sufferers through a screening questionnaire and then a targeted testing programme to get to the bottom of their root causes of Menieres Disease.

Laura Fisher DipION, mBANT, CNHC a Meniere’s sufferer herself and a recent keynote speaker at the Meniere’s Society Annual Conference. Is running an on line group coaching programme for 20 subscribers called : Manage your Meniere’s in 6 weeks. Full details here.

We have runners in the Great North Run, the Worlds largest half marathon. Any money they raise will be donated directly to Menieres research. Any donation of any size will help. Donate here

We have recently made a cash donation to The Otology & Neurotology team at Genyo led by Dr Jose Antonio Lopez Escamez. who are world leaders in Meniere’s Disease research. See more details here

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Philippa Thomson tells her incredible story as she embarks on a journey to get a diagnosis for chronic dizziness. She battles her way through the medical maze in this utterly amazing story of determination, despair, arduous research and brilliant detective work. You can buy the book here 

We are focusing on Diagnosis. This article in the British Journal for General Practice calls for a more careful evaluation of a Meniere’s diagnosis. You can read it here bjgpDec-2017-67-665-569

Elikem has had Meniere’s since 2010 and is totally deaf in her left ear. She still has regular vertigo attacks

Elikem has joined us and set up MENIERE’S AFRICA within our group. She is anxious to find other Meniere’s sufferers in Africa. It would really help her if you would sign up with us so that we can organise better diagnosis and treatment in Africa  JOIN WITH HER HERE 

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Menieres is a life shattering disease of the inner ear which leads people to lose their jobs, lose their driving licence and to become so afraid of random vertigo attacks they will not leave the house alone. It leads to depression, anxiety, isolation and ultimately total deafness.

156 years gone and still no cure

There is currently no recognised cure for Meniere’s disease.